Long before the concept of hair couture was introduced in the Arab world, one man’s love for beauty and women led him down the path of artistic brilliance.

It all started decades ago, when Simon El Mendelek found himself captivated by a beautiful woman strolling along the streets of Beirut. Hypnotized by her presence, he followed her into a hair salon, which could only be construed as a call of destiny; little did he know that his name would one day become synonymous with creative and effortless hairstyling.

As he observed the beautiful woman at the salon, his initial love of women led him to his lifetime love of women’s hair. This serendipitous incident guided him to cutting hair, and his skills developed at a rapid rate. Wanting to master the proper techniques and art behind hairstyling, he moved to France in 1975 to work in the profession. After 5 years of excelling as a hairstylist in Paris, Simon El Mendelek decided to move back to Beirut, where he could introduce an evolved hairstyling approach to the Lebanese community.

After opening up a small shop in the Zalka vicinity, it was only a matter of time before women from all across the country started talking about Simon El Mendelek and his hairstyling skills. With a rapidly growing name came an immensely increasing clientele, so he kept expanding his salon till it became what it is today.

Word of mouth carried his name far beyond Lebanese borders, attracting international celebrities like Adriana Karembeau, Hélène Ségara, Shirley Bassey and Claudia Schiffer to name a few. He styled models’ hair during runway shows by distinguished fashion designers, and worked with countless Arab celebrities and princesses. In no time, fashionable men and women from all across the Arab nations wanted their hair styled by Simon El Mendelek.

He has been styling most of LBC’s presenters since its launching 20 years ago as well as working on 10 Miss Lebanon beauty pageants and 3 seasons of Mission Fashion alongside renowned designer, Elie Saab.

Simon El Mendelek continued styling TV personalities by becoming MTV’s hairstylist since its successful re-launching in 2009.

In 1996, he was chosen to be the president of the Haute Coiffure Française on behalf of Lebanon, and remains in that position to this day.

Despite the heavy competition that followed along the years, Simon El Mendelek remains the leading name in the hairstyling business; a name that has been equivalent to high-end hair couture for over three decades. His name, which has become a reference point, will continue being heard in the business for generations to come, since his skill and passion have been passed down to his two children who share the same joy for hair couture.